Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Heads and More Heads

After finishing my cgi animation book trailers I went back to traditional sculpting--focusing on movie actor portraits as well as trying my hand at doing a live portrait using a model.

I wasn't satisfied with some of my earlier portrait heads and basically ended up redoing a bunch of them.

Here's some of what I have been doing.

Portrait of actor Michael Ripper.

I got such a good reaction for this one that I have been doing another (in mold stage).

Can read a nice write up about it here. Thanks to MB and the folks at Peter Cushing Appreciation Society for their encouragement.

Also have a Patrick Troughton head and updated a Peter Cushing sculpture I did. Will be painting them when I get a chance.

 Also been working on a new Christopher Lee head.

And the model portrait I did recently. Many thanks to model "Dane Halo" for coming out for the session.

And another celebrity head I am just not satisfied with.