Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perseus sculpture revisited

Been a long time since I took photos of my Perseus sculpture. I did this in polymer clay in 1997.
If I had known how brittle polymer clay was-I probably wouldnt have made it.
I have to keep it under glass because it is so delicate-and I cannot transport it easily.

It was my attempt to do a classical-style work--with influences from Michaelangelo and Cellini.

Perseus is holding a curved sword and the blood has transformed into serpents as found in the mythological stories.
He is also running across ground that is comprised of the broken shattered remains of precious Gorgon victims.
Although Medusa cannot be seen as the head is inside a bag, the idea was to be closer to traditional interpretations-which suggested a large bulky creature with tusks. I made the snakes much larger and varied-an eel is depicted among them--and they are eyeless.

Might revisit mythology again one day but for now its back to "normal" figures.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Digital sculpting

I have done some digital sculpting as it pertains to computer graphics work. In the early days one had to do box modelling which was like picking at hexagonal mesh or wire--very different from real life sculpting.

But programs advanced so one could use a pen or mouse as if it were pushing a soft surface on the screen.
It isnt like real sculpting either but has some advantages over box modelling.

I have mostly used it for creating texture maps(the surface detail for cg characters) and for experimenting with extreme facial expressions. But I would prefer transferring that to real life sculpting rather than trying to get prints made (taking the digital sculpture and having it printed out as a real object).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Painting odds and ends

I have done a few paintings over the years. I never had formal training and practiced much less with it than sculpting. I find it relaxing and would like to do more,
but never find the time.
I worked with acrylics mainly, but started with oil but only did one painting which I didnt care for so I may try recycling the canvas for something else.